Doll Packaging Design

This packaging design project is about creating toy packaging more accessible and frustration free for people with arthritis. I have decided to redesign doll packaging as they are known for their horrific opening mechanism and their harmful materials used.

I came up with the idea of a lantern shape packaging so that consumers can easy access the doll by simply pushing down the package. When the inside package get pulled out, there is a backdrop to accompany it which helps set the scene for the doll. There’s also an outside package that secures everything together and is easy to open by simply pulling the handle up which automatically opens up the lid.

The packaging is covered in a beautiful and colourful illustration to catch consumers eye and allows it to stand out from the competitors on the shelf. The labels are legible and comes with instructions for consumers to follow to open the package.

Paper Mockups

Digital mockups of outer box

Digital mockup of inner packaging